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Artists Submissions

Lanoue Film Arts welcomes new artist submissions. To have your work considered for rental as background set decoration to the film, television and commercial production industries, follow the guidelines listed below.

Note: due to the fast paced nature of this business, artwork must be readily accessible within 48 hours.  Our rental clients assume full responsibility for any loss or damage to artwork while in their possession.

Submission guidelines:

JPEGs or websites are preferable to CDs or slides.  If materials are mailed and you need them returned, include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.  No walk-in reviews will be accepted.

Our contact information:

    Lanoue Film Arts
    450 Harrison Avenue, #31
    Boston, MA 02118

    Email: submissions@lanouefilmarts.com

Submissions should include a minimum of 8 images of CURRENTLY AVAILABLE work.
  1. Digital images should be 72dpi, with the larger dimension (i.e. either height or width) sized between 400-800 pixels.

  2. Provide the following corresponding information on a separate list:

    Dimensions (HxW) include depth for sculpture or 2-D art that exceeds 2” in depth.
    Retail price
    Framing (indicate if framed or unframed – if framed, give brief description)

  3. Your contact information including:

    Studio address or location of artwork
    Phone number
    Email address